Our Story

What we value

We believe travel has the power to surprise us with thrilling moments, create new experiences and shape valuable memories.


We believe travel is personal and nothing should hold us back from traveling more. We value maximizing every moment, experience and memory while we’re traveling.


Noho is a movement that is dedicated to helping you travel more, experience more and live more.

We live for moments. We live for experiences. We live for memories. We live for travel.

How we were born

Noho was born out of years of travel. It is inspired by the many trips we have already taken, both together and apart, and by the trips we’re still dreaming up.


It was born out of the best and worst of these experiences and will continue to evolve as we continue to explore the world.


Noho is about empowering travelers today, tomorrow and in the future.

Where we are starting

Noho is beginning with the moments we share with those closest to us.


Letting you instantly split group spending right as you pay, so you can spend more time traveling, hassle free. Noho saves you fees while spending abroad so your group gets the most out of travel.


Noho is a movement for travelers, and empowering travelers with seamless group payments is just the beginning.

 The Noho mission is to empower the world to travel more, better and together.

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