Group spending, sorted.

Noho is a travel card and app that makes group spending and organizing trips hassle free.

Instantly split group spend

Never request a transfer again, Noho instantly splits every payment with your friends. No FX fees for anyone, no matter what cards you link.

More than just a card

Create your Travel Space. With the Noho app you can organize group travel with ease and set card permissions to keep your money safe.

Unlimited group cards.

No FX fees.

How it works


Link your account in 



Create a group. Instantly get a virtual debit card


When ready, start spending together

Keep the vibe going. Pay with Noho

Your questions, answered

What funding sources can I link?

You can link one or more of your favorite debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts and wallets.

Can I get a physical card?

Yes! You can order your personal Noho card that allows you to spend for yourself or your group.

How does Noho keep my money safe?

You set the rules for spending limits and categories, and have the power to freeze participation in group spend at any time.

Is the Noho card free?

The Noho card and app are free to use. You can opt into a premium monthly plan for additional features and deals.

How will Noho protect my data?

Noho takes data privacy and security very seriously. Your data is protected with industry benchmarked encryption and security measures.

Will my credit score be affected?

Given Noho is a debit card there is zero impact to your credit score for attaining and using the Noho card.

Stay in the Noho.

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